Our Story

Founded in 2010 by industrial designer Netta Shalgi and strategist Ken Hertz, Travel-Light LTD was established with the goal of becoming a global innovator in the travel and mobility industry. The company is focused on creating a new standard that meets the traveling challenges of the 21st Century. Travel-Light delivers high quality products at competitive prices for the growing population of commuters and travelers.

Made by people, for people, improving all aspects of traveling accessories, their vision is to redesign the future of traveling and commuting. Using all new methods, Travel-Light is a company for novelty traveling accessories and a wide variety of traveling and mobility concepts and solutions.

In its first series of products, Travel-Light presents an innovative, axle-less, large diameter wheeled luggage system designed to provide the optimal, out-of-the-box traveling solution for today's needs. This luggage system is called G-RO.



Netta Shalgi is an Industrial designer with extensive experience in product design and development. He owns a business for industrial design (www.nettashalgi.com), providing design and planning services to companies, such as Intel, Alcatel-Lucent and Elbit Systems, and furniture, lifestyle and design companies. In addition, he also develops "Turn-Key" solutions from concept to production for projects requiring process management services.

For 4 years, Netta was the Design & Product Development director of a medical device start-up, with responsibility for executing projects from start through completion, including clinical trials, standardization, sales and marketing.

Netta initiated and executed a successful Crowdfunding campaign (My Wooden Horse on Kickstarter) and is an advisor and active participant in other crowdfunding projects. Netta holds a B.A. in Industrial Design from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in Israel (graduated with honors) and from the University of Lapland, Finland (Dean Scholarship & Award).



Ken is a senior partner in the Beverly Hills law firm of Hertz Lichtenstein & Young, LLP. The firm specializes in representing prominent celebrity talent in the sports and entertainment industries. Previously, Mr. Hertz was in charge of music—business and legal affairs—for The Walt Disney Company. Ken is also the founder of memBrain, an entertainment marketing and strategy consulting firm, which advises corporate clients in the entertainment content, fashion, technology, and marketing industries (memBrain's clients include Hasbro, McDonald's, Intel, MillerCoors, Coty and Logitech).

Ken has also been an instructor at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management and an adjunct professor of law at USC. He serves on the board of the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television, the Drug Policy Alliance and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on the subjects of entertainment, marketing and convergence.

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