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G-RO Carry On


Will G-RO fit airline carry on requirements?

The G-RO Carry-on will fit in standard airline overhead compartments with dimensions 22in./55cm. (Length), 14in./36cm. (Width), 9in./23cm. (Height). Most airlines have overhead compartments that accommodate these dimensions.

We strongly recommend checking your airline's specific overhead compartment dimensions before departing for your flight(s).

We also recommend checking weight limits before flying, as some domestic and international airlines have weight restrictions for carry-on luggage. This will help you pack accordingly.

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My G-RO is damaged. What next?

Contact us to report any issues with your G-RO. We also recommend downloading the G-RO app when you receive your bag to activate your warranty and submit damage reports.

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  • Why does my bag keep tipping over?

  • Because of G-RO’s unique design, the bag tends to tip backwards when it is empty. Unlike most bags, however, G-RO usually does not tip over when packed, and in fact becomes incredibly stable.

    We recommend storing your G-RO on its side when you’re not using it to avoid the bag tipping over.

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    How do I use the accessory strap?

    1) Locate the small loop at the top of your G-RO.

    2) Insert one end of the adjustable strap into the loop.

    3) Insert the second end through the handle of the bag you wish to connect to your G-RO.

    4) Finally, insert the second hook through one of the several loops on the strap.

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    TSA Lock


    How do I set the combination?

    Please watch this video before attempting to set your lock combination.

    1) When you receive your bag your zippers should open freely by sliding the open button to the left and right.

    2) Once your zippers have been released, set all the numerical dials to 0-0-0.

    3) Using a pen, press the reset button (small black button on the side of the TSA lock) until you hear it click. 
    (Find your buttons here)

    4) Set your new 3 digit lock combination.

    5) Once your combination is set, slide the main open button gently towards the TSA symbol in the center of your lock BEFORE replacing your zippers. You should see the reset button pop back out and hear it click.

    6) Your combination is now set.

    7) Attach both sets of zippers and then adjust the dials to any random combination, anything other than your 3-digit combination.

    8) Your G-RO is now locked.

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    How do I open my lock?

    If your combination is set (see above instructions), adjust your dials to match your 3 digit combination.

    Gently push the sliding lock once to the left and once to the right to release both sets of zippers.

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    What if I change my combination and it does not work?

    Please try again, and watch the video above while carefully following the instructions.

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    What if my combination does not work after several attempts?

    Start at 001 on the combination and slide the open button, if the lock does not open, move the dial to 002 and slide the open button - continue through this exercise until your bag opens. It should take you 25 minutes to crack the code until you find the missing combination setting.

    If you can't crack the combination, you can bring your G-RO to any TSA help desk at any USA airport and TSA can unlock your bag.

    You can also contact us if you still have problems with your lock.

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    G-RO Power 10,000


    How do I charge my G-RO Power 10,000 for the first time?

    1) Charge your power bank by using the included cable (or any USB charging cable) and connecting it to an AC adapter and wall socket.

    2) Plug the AC adapter into a wall socket.

    3) Fully charge G-RO Power before first use.

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  • What if my G-RO Power 10,000 does not charge?

    Please try another USB cable, charger or wall outlet if your G-RO Power will not charge. If your power bank still does not charge, contact us


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    How do I connect my G-RO Power 10,000 to the built-in charging station?

      1) Activate the charging station by connecting the G-RO Power to the internal USB chords.

      2) Open the front pocket, where you will see two USB cables near an interior pouch with protective strap and a small energy symbol.

      3) Place the power bank inside the interior pouch and re-connect the protective strap.

      4) Connect the two USB cables to the USB ports on the G-RO Power.

      5) You can use the two USB ports on the top of your G-RO once the charging station is connected.

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      How do I access the external USB ports?

      Access the USB ports by opening the rubber door located on top of the bag, at the base of the tablet stand. Make sure to open it gently, to avoid damaging it in any way. You can store your USB cables in the interior pouch, or in the pocket at the base of the telescopic handle.

      G-RO USB Ports


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    • How do I make the USB cables longer?

      The USB cables are held in place by red velcro straps. Undo the red velcro straps and the USB cables can reach most areas of the exterior work pocket.

      Please Note: Once you plug in the internal USB cables to the power device, the device will turn on. If left plugged in, the battery life of your G-RO Power may be affected.

    • G-RO Power Module
    • Can I use my own power bank in the charging station?

      Yes, you can use your own power bank by connecting it to the internal USB cables.

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    • Tile Slim Luggage Tracker

      Tile uses Bluetooth to communicate with the companion app on your smart phone or tablet. The Tile app "discovers" a Tile and establishes a connection to it using the Bluetooth signal. Once a Bluetooth connection is made between your Tile and mobile device, Tile then uses the location services of your mobile device to communicate up-to-date location information to the app.

      Your Tile can be discovered by your smartphone or tablet within Bluetooth range. To always have the best connection and most up-to-date location information when your Tile and device are within range of each other:

      • Bluetooth must always be enabled

      • The Tile app must always be open and running (foreground or background)

      • Location services should be enabled

      If any of these 3 things are not true, your Tile, app, and device are not communicating with each other.

      For more information, click here.

      To download the Tile App, click here.

    • G-RO Tracker

    • How do I activate my tracker?

    • Download the Tracker Manual

      1) The first step to activating your tracker is to download the G-RO app for your Apple or Android device.

      2) Once you have installed the app and created a new account, login and locate the "warranty activation" section to activate your G-RO products.

      3) Scan the QR code located on the back of your Tracker to activate. If your QR code will not scan, enter the product ID.

      4) You can scan all of your G-RO products, including your carryon, tracker and power bank.

      Read more about the G-RO app here >

      Download the G-RO Tracker Manual (right click to save PDF)

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    • Do I need a subscription for my G-RO Tracker?

      Bluetooth proximity detection for the tracker is free, and does not require a subscription. GSM location tracking requires a paid subscription. All G-RO Trackers come with a free six month subscription for GSM location tracking.

      Once your six month subscription is up, you can renew online. We highly recommend renewing a few days prior to your next trip to make sure everything is working smoothly. Subscription packages are available for 1, 6 and 12 months.

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      How does the Tracker determine the location of my luggage?

      G-RO uses GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) for location tracking. GSM technology uses the triangulation of cellular signals from nearby towers to accurately show you the geographic location of your bag on a map. This is useful to determine which airport your G-RO is located, or to see the general vicinity of your G-RO.

      G-RO uses Bluetooth for proximity detection, to let you know where your bag is in relation to you (3ft, 10 ft, 50 ft, out of range). Bluetooth proximity can also let you know if you bag leaves your area through a theft alert feature.

      Please note that your tracker may not work when you board an airplane, as the signal between your mobile device and tracker may be interrupted when you your luggage is placed in the cargo compartment.

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    • Does the Tracker work internationally?

      Yes, it works everywhere in the world where there is GSM. Unfortunately, at this time, that excludes Japan and Korea.

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      Where should I store my tracker when it is not being used?

      Your device is similar to any of your other electronic devices such as your cell phone, cameras and tablets. Please be sure to store your tracker in a cool, dry place.

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      Can the Tracker affect electronic medical devices?

    • No. emissions are similar to those of a cell phone, and they do not affect any electronic health device.
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      Are there operating restrictions for the Tracker?

      The Tracker has the same restrictions as a mobile device. If the mobile device signal from the surrounding towers doesn’t reach the device then it can’t communicate its location. GSM is much more reliable than GPS in this sense, as GPS will not work unless it’s an open area, while GSM will penetrate most areas.

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      Can I use my Tracker without my G-RO carry on?

      Yes, your G-RO Tracking device will track anything you place it in. We suggest using it to keep track of your purse or other personal belongings when you travel. All you need to activate and keep track of your device is the G-RO app and a mobile device.

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      I activated my Tracker on the G-RO app, but it’s not in the list of my products.

      Please close your app and relaunch. If your product is still not listed, contact us through the app and report the issue.

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      G-RO Wheels

      Why are my wheels so stiff?

      Our wheels are made to endure the toughest, most uneven, all-weather surfaces. The proprietary shock absorption system and polymer reinforcements require that the wheels be used a few times in order to loosen up and become more flexible.

      When you first receive your G-RO, we recommend completely unpacking the shipping materials, and placing a few pair of shoes in the empty G-RO. Next, wheel your G-RO around your house for a while to help break it in. Doing this and taking a few real world trips will break in your wheels and remove the stiffness.

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