G-RO Wheels

It has long been assumed that the wheel cannot be re-invented. G-RO shows that a timeless classic can be re-imagined and made better.

Most rolling luggage are basically boxes on casters. Their little wheels break more often; they travel badly over bumps, bricks, grates, snow and sand; they weaken the luggage design with more rivets, screws and reinforcements; they require more parts to assemble and break; they reduce the available volume; and they often cause awkward nooks in the interior space. 

G-RO's patented, axle-less, large diameter rubber wheels are different:  

  • Feels lighter: Because of their large diameter, the wheels support the load closer to its center of gravity, so your bag balances better and feels significantly lighter when you pull it.
G-RO Carryon Weight Distribution

    • Rolls easier: G-RO glides easily over many types of surfaces—cobblestones, curbs, steps, gravel, snow, sand.
    G-RO is All-Terrain

    • Increased durability: Our wheels are made of strong aerospace and firearm-grade polymers that strengthen the walls of the bag. Unlike traditional bags, the wheels are the strength of this bag—not the weakness. 
    G-RO Wheel Durability

      • Packs smarter: there's more interior space than other bags of similar weight and volume;
      G-RO Space Saving Wheels

        • Looks better: form follows function, and these wheels tell you this is smart design.
        G-RO Axel-Less Wheels

          Wheel Specifications:

          Patented polymer wheel: designed to endure extreme weather conditions (such as hot asphalt and frozen sidewalk)

          Signature ABS covers: Lightweight impact-resistant ABS wheel covers are an important part of our rubber wheel. ABS is an engineering-grade, durable material that protects the wheel from sand and debris.

          Hi-speed ball planetary system: G-RO's wheels are made with internal Polymer ball bearings that absorb impact and shock, in addition to keeping the large diameter wheels rolling smoothly.

          The "signature" G-RO sound: The "HUM" of our wheels was designed and inspired by the sound of sports cars and their special gears

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