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G-RO Backpack Light


Your G-RO was carefully constructed to make it easy for you to go anywhere. You’ll find these things included in your package:

  • Authentic G-RO Backpack Light


Let’s take a look at how your G-RO’s smart features work.

USB Charging

1) You can use most USB-charging power banks with your backpack.

2) When traveling, place your power bank inside your G-RO’s main compartment, where you'll find a USB cable to connect it to.

3) You can now use the external USB port found on the right hand side of the backpack, near the top.

4) If you need to remove the power bank, simply disconnect it at any time. For example, you can take it with you on a daily basis – even when you’re not traveling – to help charge your phone.


The Backpack Light is designed for everyday carry and style. It also slides on perfectly to our Carry-on and Check-in.

  • Laptop Compartment. Safely store your mobile devices – like laptops and tablets – in this pocket for easy access.
  • Front Pockets. Useful for things you may need to remove quickly, like a bag of liquids or travel info.
  • Secret Back Pocket. Designed for easy access and security. Think passports, keys, money, etc.


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