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G-RO Multitasker


Your G-RO was carefully constructed to make it easy for you to go anywhere. You’ll find these things included in your package:

  • Authentic G-RO Multitasker
  • Luggage Strap for Additional Bags (located in the mesh pocket within the front compartment)
  • Additional GravityRoll™ wheels in your selected color
  • GravityRoll™ wheel key


Wheel Colors

You have the option to travel with your choice of colored wheels. Watch the video below for instructions on how to quickly change between the two included colors using the GravityRoll™ wheel key.

1) Insert the narrow end of the wheel key (with “G-RO” facing up) into the gap between the wheel cover and the tread. Firmly (it’s OK to use force) push the key in until “G-RO” is no longer visible.

2) Keeping the wheel key inserted, move it completely around the wheel. The wheel cover will snap off as you do this, revealing fastening clips, ball bearings and silicone lubricant that preserves the wheel’s longevity.

3) The silicone lubricant is safe to touch, but do not clean anything inside the wheel (even if it is dirty). You can use a cloth and water to wipe away any lubricant that smears outside of the wheel or onto the wheel key.

4) Take your preferred wheel cover and place it on top of the wheel with clips aligned. Push down firmly, making your way around the wheel to ensure that all clips fully snap into place. Carefully check for any gaps between the cover and the wheel, pressing down again to remove any you find.


You can pack a ton of stuff in your G-RO, so take everything you need for your daily commute or longer trips.

  • Loading Zones. Once you open the main compartment of your bag, you’ll notice that the inner lining has two shades of gray going from dark to light. We recommend that you pack your heaviest items in the darkest area and lightest items in the lightest area.
  • Expansion System. The Multitasker has several compartments, including an office organizer and laptop pocket.
  • Front Pockets. Useful for things you may need to remove quickly, like a bag of liquids or travel info.


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