Spinner Luggage Reimagined: Go Anywhere with the SIX

Go Anywhere with G-RO’s signature indestructible wheels in back, plus our newly designed, best-in-class spinner wheels in front.
Pushing this bag is so delightful, you’ll never look back.



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G-RO on Kickstarter
⦁ While the Kickstarter platform supports projects varying in size and scope, including brand-new businesses and even individual entrepreneurs, G-RO is an established brand and Kickstarter champion.
 With two previous campaigns successfully delivered, G-RO still holds the record for the highest funded Kickstarter campaign ever in the luggage industry.
 G-RO is very excited to return to Kickstarter with its most innovative project yet!
 Unlike many Kickstarter campaigns (including our previous two), this product is already past the prototype phase and the final model has passed our rigorous testing standards in both simulated and real-life testing.
 Once the campaign launches, you will find lots of details, including our anticipated project completion and delivery timeline, on our campaign page for your review
⦁ This Kickstarter project will last 30 days, so don't miss out!
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