TSA Lock Instructions

Please watch this video BEFORE attempting to set your lock combination. This will help you avoid locking yourself out of your bag.

How do I set my TSA lock combination?

1) When you receive your bag your zippers should open freely by sliding the open button to the left and right.

2) Once your zippers have been released, set all the numerical dials to 0-0-0.

3) Using a pen, press the reset button (small black button on the side of the TSA lock) until you hear it click. 
Find your buttons >

4) Set your new 3 digit combination.

5) Once your combination is set, slide the main open button gently towards the TSA symbol in the center of your lock BEFORE replacing your zippers. You should see the reset button pop back out and hear it click.

6) Your combination is now set. 

7) Attach both sets of zippers and then adjust the dials to any combination, with the exception of your secure 3-digit combination.

8) Your lock is now locked.

How do I open my lock?

1) If your combination is set (see above instructions), adjust your dials to match your 3 digit combo. 

2) Gently push the sliding lock once to the left and once to the right to release both sets of zippers.

What should I do if I change my combination and it does not work?

Please try again, and watch the video above while carefully following the instructions.

What should I do if my combination still does not work after several attempts?

1) Start at 001 on the combination and slide the open button, if the lock does not open, move the dial to 002 and slide the open button - continue through this exercise until your bag opens. It should take you 25 minutes to crack the code until you find the missing combination setting.

2) If you can't crack the combination, you can bring your G-RO to any TSA help desk at any USA airport and TSA can unlock your bag.

3) Please contact us or call 1 (844) GRO-3606 if you still have problems with your lock.