G-RO Blue/Red-Arctic Blue + Module (F&F)

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This special package includes the G-RO Carryon, the Power + Tracking module, an additional bag strap, and a 6 month subscription to the proximity detection and location tracking app.

G-RO Carryon

G-RO has (re)invented the wheel, bringing the first low-mass, all terrain wheels to an intelligently designed carry-on capable of handling any terrain, turf or travel. Read more

- All-terrain, large diameter axle-less wheel
- Longer, stronger ergonomic handle
- Smarter Electronics: Optional and removable power and tracking modules
- Exterior work pocket for 15" laptop
- Ballistic Nylon
- Water resistant bottom
- Built in workstation with tablet stand, non-slip surface and exterior USB ports
- Easy access pockets in the front and back
- Water bottle holder
- Arched-belly design
- Expansion zipper
- Dual TSA Lock for personal and work compartments


- Weight: 9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg
- Exterior Dimensions: 14” wide x 22” long x 9” deep (11.5” deep with expansion zipper open)
- Interior Dimensions: 14” wide x 20” long x 8.5” deep (11” deep with expansion zipper open) 

G-RO Power

Connect your G-RO power battery to your bag’s built-in USB cables to charge your devices. Powerful enough to charge your laptop, smartphone and tablet at the same time, or your smartphone up to ten times. Read more

G-RO Tracker

The G-RO Tracker proximity detection and location tracking will tell you where your G-RO carry-on is at all times. G-RO Trackers are activated by the G-RO Companion App available for Apple and Android devices. Read more

Additional Bag Strap

Attach a second bag or personal item to your G-RO Carry-On with our adjustable strap. G-RO's unique design counterbalances the weight of additional bags and makes the total package feel lighter as you roll.

6 Month Tracker Subscription

Keep track of your G-RO's location no matter where in the world it travels. The G-RO Tracker subscription unlocks the power of GSM-GPRS technology accessible through the G-RO Mobile App.





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