G-RO Luggage Locator

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Smarter electronics keep you connected to your bag and the world as you travel. Proximity alerts let you know if your bag is leaving your vicinity, and location tracking will tell you where your G-RO is at all times. The G-RO Luggage Locator is activated by the G-RO Companion app available for Apple and Android devices.

Luggage Locators purchased online will receive a free six month subscription to the G-RO app, if the G-RO is registered by May 2017.  Our app allows you to register your products, track the location of your bag, and more. G-RO Luggage Locator owners will need to purchase a new subscription package at the end of the six months in order to continue using GSM-GPRS location tracking technology.
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Track geo-location and proximity with the G-RO App

Share your registered G-RO products with friends and family

Transfer your registered G-RO products to other users

Theft alert feature to notify you when your bag is unexpectedly removed from your area

Free, unlimited proximity detection using Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy technology

Subscription based GSM-GPRS technology for location tracking

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones that support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

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