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G-RO has (re)invented the wheel, bringing the first lightweight, axle-less, large diameter wheels to an intelligently designed carry on capable of handling a variety of surfaces, turf or travel.

The award-winning G-RO carry-on was born from an innate curiosity of how we all move around the world. Your G-RO is equipped with a built-in charging station, so you can charge your laptop, phone or tablet anytime you are on the go.

Your USB charging station is activated by G-RO Power (or most 3rd party power banks) through internal wiring (G-RO Power sold separately).

Your G-RO Luggage Locator also keeps you updated with where your carry-on is at all times (G-RO Luggage Locator sold separately). Simply activate G-RO Luggage Locator with the G-RO Companion app (Apple and Android), to always stay connected to your carry-on. Sign-up, activate your warranty, track your bag on the go, and more.

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  • Top selling intelligently designed carry-on to handle all surfaces and all your tech travel needs, on the go.

  • Lightweight Axle-less Wheels - Patented polymer wheel design based on the principles of heavy duty machinery bearings, and designed to endure extreme weather conditions including snow, dirt, grass, cobblestone, and uneven surfaces.

  • Longer and Stronger Ergonomic Handle - Our 4-stage telescopic handle is the longest in the industry providing shock absorption and flexibility when traveling on uneven surfaces.

  • Smart Electronics - Charging station with optional and removable power and tracking models (sold separately).

  • Spacious Interior - Compact enough to fit in airplane overhead compartments, yet large enough to accommodate all your packing needs. Our compartments are 14" wide x 20" long x 8.5" deep (11" deep with expansion zipper open).

  • Weight: 9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg

  • Exterior Dimensions: 14” wide x 22” long x 9” deep (11.5” deep with expansion zipper open)

  • Interior Dimensions: 14” wide x 20” long x 8.5” deep (11” deep with expansion zipper open)

USB charging station activated by G-RO Power through internal wiring.
G-RO Power sold separately here >

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